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Sorry for the inactivity guys, I may upload a drawing spurt when I become motivated to take the pictures from my sketchbook lmao
I cant wait till I'm rich so I can buy a fucking NEW TABLET JFC----
So my laptop is back to me! Files have been recovered and I've been reinstalling apps.
COME TO FIND OUT... my tablet cord for my wacom intuos has shit the bed. STILL no digital art.
when you wanna stay but have to let go... for them.
i fucked up-

Personal Update

Sat Mar 11, 2017, 9:04 PM

Hello! I've been absent for a better part of 4 months (I think OTL)

Life is swiftly kicking my arse. Not only am I going to college two days a week, but I work 4 days with one day off (thank goodness). Soon, I will be on my summer break and back to working like a horse.

During the time I have been absent, my laptop got into a little trouble. This is why there is no digital art from me atm. I have been doodling the hell out of my sketchbooks. Sorry if you've been through my mass uploads!

I have a new abode (with decent rent), partner, and way of thinking. All this time I thought I was being forced into life, but things have taught me different now. Being alone, has bring out a serenity I never had. I want to engage with people, and like everyone. I do not resent or regret any people in my life. If you want to talk to me, D-D-D-DO IT.
Also, if you want to pair any characters, hmu. Like literally I am so confused lmao

I'm on here everyday. I just can't draw or post that frequently!

Love you guys, thanks for reading :heart:


Lacy Red Hearts by AngelicHellraiser

About Keyblink by Twistyd

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hope things are ok!!
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